Audio-visual Risk Insurance
Are you involved in film production, either as a producer or director, or are you a manager of an advertising agency? If so, you will know that many unforeseen events can occur during the course of this type of project and this can happen at any stage from pre-production to post-production. These events can result in the production being postponed, delayed or even cancelled.


Cover from A to Z

Audio-visual risks insurance from Vander Haeghen has enjoyed the full confidence of professionals for many years. We cover all the risks that can occur during the film-making process. Shooting can be delayed, interrupted or even stopped at any time as a result of damage to equipment, scenery, costumes and accessories, or even due to the sickness of an actor. The damages to film and digital video can result in the collapse of an entire project just before cinema release. Our policy also covers civil liability and personal accidents.


You are a producer, director, publicist

At any moment, from before production to after production, unpredictable events can occur and have tragic consequences…. For several years we have been offering you the right solution with which many professionals already trust us.


Can we cover you?

Delays, interruptions, aborting the filming or recording:

  • Reimbursement of expenses resulting from the absence of an essential person to the filming, to the unavailability of the turntable, the material, the set, costumes or accessories.

Damage to material, decorations, costumes and accessories:

  • Damage to loaned and/or leased equipment. Support for the additional costs of replacement equipment.
  • Coverage of reclamation costs or reimbursement in case of disappearance, destruction or deterioration of decorations, costumes and accessories.

Adverse effects of film and equipment:

  • Reimbursement of the costs of reconstruction of damaged film or equipment following an event, rendering them unusable during and/or after filming.

Civil Responsibility:

  • Covering the liability of the producer/director for damage caused to third parties during filming and during assembly and dismantling operations.
  • Insurance of the damage to buildings (and the contents) that were rented or loaned for the purposes of filming

Individual accident:

  • Pay per view coverage (death, permanent disability, temporary disability and medical expenses) of artists, board staff, extras etc.

Tax Warranty Protection:

  • Cover to protect the tax advantage of companies who invest in films and audio-visual productions may be entitled to.

Some concrete cases (this list is not complete):

  • The production is postponed due to an accident of a producer
  • The death of an actor forces you to stop filming
  • The car booked to produce an advertisement does not arrive on time for the filming
  • The digital shots or the images taken are unusable and certain scenes have to be re-filmed
  • The warehouse where some scenes of the film are shot burns down
  • The decoration, costumes, and accessories which were used in the final scene are accidentally damaged

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