Donation Cover - Death All Causes
What if there was a form of cover available that would allow you to protect your donation so that you could sleep better at night? Vander Haeghen offers its Donation Cover formula, with payments which always offer greater financial benefits than the donation duties. The joy of giving can then be perfectly matched by the pleasure of receiving.

I give, you give, he gives

Donation is a way of passing on your assets at an early stage, making it possible to prevent the unpleasant repercussions of a poorly prepared succession. It is perfectly legal to make a non-registered donation. This can be done by means of a donation made by hand, at the bank or in a deed passed before a notary in a foreign country, generally in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, there is a degree of risk. If the donor dies during the 3 years following the donation, the beneficiaries have to pay high inheritance taxes on these transactions. This risk can be avoided by registering the gift and paying 3.5% or 7% inheritance tax, depending on the region you live in.


Donation Cover Insurance

  • The donation cover insurance pays you a sum that allows you to pay the inheritance tax if the donor dies within 3 years of the donation;
  • This option is financially more advantageous than donation rights: the donation cover premium is only a fraction of the inheritance tax that must be paid upon registration of the donation;
  • The critical period of 3 years or more is fully covered;
  • Simple medical forms need to be completed.

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