Fine Art Insurance
Our cover is for pieces of art in a broad sense of the term art. All objects of value which are part of a collection, which are of the time, the style or the technique can be covered, both in the cover of a Luxury Home Protection policy or in the cover of a Fine Art Insurance policy

What do we cover?

  • Paintings, watercolours, pastels, engravings, graphics and photographs
  • Comics and Collectibles
  • Antiques
  • Old furniture, tapestries, antique books and textiles
  • Primitive art
  • Terracotta, earthenware, porcelain and silverware
  • Weapons collections and design objects


Who is this cover for?

  • Private collections
  • Galleries and art professionals
  • Museums and cultural institutions
  • Businesses, foundations and embassies (collections of institutions)


What is the value insured?

Private collections and collections of institutions are insured for an agreed value. This value is agreed upon with the policy holder. We are aware that a detailed inventory avoids any issues in the event of a disaster, we take care of works insured with Vander Haeghen free of charge. There is not an excess in our contracts. With regards to art galleries, they are covered on the value of stock. An excess can, in these specific cases, be applicable.


What cover do we offer?

We offer all-risk cover for works of art worldwide. Our solutions are tailor-made, for each customer, depending on the type of object to be covered, the capital and the location of the risk.


What extensions to the cover are possible?

  • Bonus for non-claim
  • Transport
  • To stay with a third party
  • Terrorism
  • Wars, strikes and riots


How do we handle claims?

  • A specialised service and follow-up, in close collaboration with the art team
  • Close collaboration with the Art Loss Register
  • Provide our know-how, network of specialists, restorers and academics
  • A cash option is possible in certain cases
  • “Pair and Set” option for art objects composed of several elements
  • Assumption of a possible loss of value


Additional Assets of Vander Haeghen

  • Policies purchased by real experts and an international knowledge network
  • A depth of knowledge of the art market
  • Evaluation and expertise included in our service
  • Knowledge of the value and risks of the heritage of our clients
  • Close collaboration with partners and subcontractors selected according to the strictest criteria
  • Simplicity and pragmatism in the solutions that we propose
  • Proposition of potential alternative options in case of refusal of cover
  • Rapid availability of insurance capacity for high capital
  • Speed of reaction and proactivity

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