Golf Guard Insurance
As a golfing enthusiast, you want to enjoy your game without any worries. Our Golf Guard Insurance offers the best possible protection for players and their equipment. With Golf Guard Insurance from Vander Haeghen, your golf-related activities will be fully covered. You will be covered not only for personal accidents that occur when you are playing, but your fees will also be reimbursed if you are unable to play following an accident.

Golfing without worries

Vander Haeghen provides compensation or pays for repairs to golf equipment after theft, accidental damage or loss when travelling. After a theft or loss, we also make a payment for local hire of replacement equipment.  What if you achieve a perfect “hole in one”? We will pay you a fixed bonus to cover the resulting round of drinks…


What do we cover?

Individual accidents

In case of an accident on the course and as a result of playing golf, we pay €25,000 in compensation for death or permanent complete disability.

Reimbursement of membership fees

If it is impossible to continue playing golf for a short period as a result of an accident (after a 60 day waiting period), we reimburse the membership fee, up to a maximum of €2,500 pro rata for the period of incapacity.

Damage to golf equipment

In case of accidental damage, loss of bags during travel or theft with a break in to the golf equipment, we will reimburse the cost of repairing or replacing similar equipment or the equivalent up to the amount chosen for the cover by the golfer. An excess of €75 will always be charged to the golfer.

Rental of replacement equipment

When the golfer is abroad and his/her equipment is stolen (due to a break in) or is misplaced during the trip, we reimburse him/her up to €75 for the cost of hiring replacement equipment.

Hole in One

If a hole in one is successful in an official competition*, we congratulate the golfer by paying him a lump sum of €200. *organised by a club



Applicable to any amateur golfer. A lump-sum premium will be set based on the maximum amount of compensation chosen under the “damage to golf equipment” section.

  • Selected amount: €1,250, Premium €65*
  • Selected amount: €1,850, Premium €90*
  • Selected amount: €2,500, Premium €115*
  • Selected amount: €3,750, Premium €140*
  • Selected amount: €5,000, Premium €165*
  • Selected amount: €7,500, Premium €190*
    *Taxes and fees included

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