Individual Insurance Against Personal Injury
It is perfectly possible to suffer a physical injury in your private life where no-one is necessarily at fault. It may simply be a question of carelessness or bad luck. Physical injury insurance from Vander Haeghen means that you do not have to pay for the costs of this type of accident.

Your financial support in case of a personal setback

Accidents can happen very quickly. The physical and financial repercussions of an accident, however, can continue to be felt for a very long time: loss of income due to temporary incapacity for work or permanent disability, steep hospital bills, not to mention the possible financial problems that may face close relatives of those involved in a fatal accident. If nobody is declared liable for an accident that occurs in the context of a victim’s private life, the victim will only receive the contribution from the mutual health insurer to compensate for any physical injury. Everyone knows that these contributions are limited. It is also very likely that the contributions made by mutual health insurers will be reduced even more in the future.

It is perfectly possible to avoid the financial problems resulting from an accident in your private life, thanks to our personal accident insurance. Our policy will reduce the financial losses resulting from such an accident to a minimum. Vander Haeghen pays whether you are in the right or in the wrong. All experts in aeronautics, airplanes, welders, firefighters, doctors, artists, professional sports people, reporters, volunteers, engineers or technicians on missions all over the world or simply amateur motorcyclists, adventurers or passionate travellers. Whether it is a job, function or hobby a customised insurance policy is essential.


Who is the cover for?

For anyone who wants personalised insurance:

  • People engaged in dangerous activities: aerial work, divers, security guards, capital transporters, military personnel etc;
  • Those who practice amateur sport with a risk: football, diving, horseback riding, motorbike riding, climbing, paragliding, karting, motor racing or motorbike racing at national or state level etc;
  • Organisers at sports activities: day karting, climbing, rafting, archery or mountain biking;
  • People staying (even temporarily) in high-risk areas;
  • Professional sportspersons: footballer, racing driver, tennis player or cyclist.


What do we cover?

  • The risk of death following an accident;
  • The risk of permanent disability following an accident and/or illness either based on a scale determining the degree of disability (physical invalidity) or on the professional activity of the insured (economic invalidity);
  • The risk of temporary total incapacity to work (economic incapacity);
  • Medical expenses in addition to the intervention of the mutual insurance company following an accident.


What is information is needed to receive a personalised offer?

  • The contact information of the policy holder, date of birth and activity to be covered;
  • The value to be insured;
  • If necessary, a medical questionnaire adapted to the request.

Main exclusions:

  • The consequences of accidents and/or pre-existing diseases;
  • Nuclear or ionising radiation risks;
  • Intentional actions;
  • Claims resulting from the use of alcohol, drugs or doping agents (for professional sportspersons).

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