Luxury Home Protection

What are the values to be insured?

  • Building: value of the reconstruction to new according to the free evaluation made by Vander Haeghen & Co which is unlimited.
  • Contents: value of replacing your contents to new
  • Art heritage, collections and jewellery:
    • Either a replacement value of the contents
    • Or an approved value, according to an inventory and/or expertise


Which items are affected?

  • The building:
    • Main home.
    • The permanent hardware and permanent construction at the same address.
    • Fences including hedges.
    • The swimming pool, indoor or outdoor.
    • The pool house.
    • The carport.
    • The fixed equipment such as heating, air-conditioning, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and kitchen equipment.
    • Solar panels or photovoltaic panels fixed to the building.
    • The automatic systems.
    • The gates, garages, terraces, entrance way, tennis courts and lighting.
  • The contents: all of the movable property, your belongings, which are in the designated building, including:
    • Furniture;
    • Decorations, curtains and non-fixed lighting;
    • Books, clothes, leather goods and shoes;
    • Table cloths and household linen;
    • Tableware;
    • Professional equipment;
    • Works of art, valuables and jewellery;
    • Sports equipment;
    • Garden furniture and gardening equipment;
    • House pets.
  • Art heritage, collections and jewellery: all artwork, collections and jewellery listed
    • Identified by you or by an expert;
    • Insured at the value agreed;
    • Without an action limit;
    • Without excess;
    • Your own inventory of up to €25,000 per piece of artwork;
    • Your own inventory of up to €12,500 per piece of jewellery.


What cover is offered?

  • All Risks:
    as it says, all material damage, all goods insured, due to certain circumstances, accidental and unforeseeable circumstances of a danger which was not excluded. For example; fire, lightening, explosion, fall of a plane or aircraft, storm and hail, natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, glass breakages, vandalism, theft by breaking in, with violence, with threatening, hostage taking, home jacking, loss, machine breakage on certain fixed equipment, opacification of glazing, replacement of locks after theft or loss of keys, damage caused by animals, temporary displacement of furniture worldwide etc.
  • Burden of proof:
    you prove the material damage to the insured property, nothing else, we must prove a possible case of exclusion.


What is the minimum amount to insure?

Building: €750,000.
Contents: €150,000.


What is the contractual excess ?

€750 non-indexed per claim.


What are the advantages of Luxury Home Protection?

  • Visit every risk. No surprises after.
  • Free evaluation of the building.
  • No under-insurance, no proportional rule and unlimited overtaking in case of error.
  • Evaluation and advice on the prevention of theft and fire.
  • Access to Vander Haeghen know-how and expertise, free of charge, in the field of artistic heritage with an aim of insuring the value approved for your inventory.
  • The broadest guarantees in the market.