Tent and Marquee Insurance
Our Tents and Marquees policy provides cover for material damage due to fire, storms or frost. Inflatable castles and temporary structures can be covered too. Cover can be provided for tents in use throughout the world. Tents can be insured on an annual, weekly or even daily basis.

The best possible protection for your marquee-based event

A wedding celebration, an annual barbecue for a sports club, a festival, exhibition etc. Even in the winter, a marquee represents a flexible resource for hosting both large-scale and smaller events. Whether you are a professional hire company, a private individual or a company organising an occasional event, our Tents and Marquees policy offers you the best possible protection. If you are a tent or marquee rental company (annual cover) or an individual or a company that is planning to rent a tent as part of an event (temporary cover ranging from a few days to a few weeks), we have the solution that meets your needs.


What do we cover?

Accidental damage including:

  • Damage caused by fire.
  • Damage caused by a storm.
  • Damage caused by hail.


What are the documents required to be able to apply for this insurance?

  • A description (measurements and photos) of the property (properties) to be insured.
  • Place of installation.
  • The period of cover.
  • The value to be insured: the purchase value for tents and marquees that are less than 12 months old, or the appraised value for tents and marquees over 12 months old.
  • The policyholder has an obligation to insure all their tents and marquees.


What locations are covered?

We can insure the tents and marquees of a Belgian anywhere in the world.


What is the excess applied under these policies?

All the policies have an excess of 10% of the amount of damage with a minimum of €250 per accident.


What is excluded?

  • Damage related to assembly and disassembly.
  • Vandalism.
  • An explosion without fire.


Is this cover limited to tents and marquees?

No, this cover can also be applied to bouncy castles and temporary structures (with the exception of tennis balls).

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