Wedding Insurance
Your wedding day should be the most beautiful day of your life. The wedding dress, the rings, cars for the ceremony, the reception… You have carefully selected everything to create a truly unforgettable day. Unfortunately there are a number of unforeseen events that could ruin the celebration. Unexpected problems can arise at any time, before, during or even after the big day. Wedding insurance from Vander Haeghen allows you to have a worry-free wedding.

Cover for the most beautiful day of your life

You are ready for the big day and everything has been arranged, right down to the tiniest details. You have been counting the days to this event for quite a few months now. But what happens if your partner suddenly has an accident? Or if a beloved family member dies or becomes seriously ill? There are a number of less obvious things that can also go wrong during a wedding. These are problems that you might not necessarily think about. For example, you could be forced to postpone the wedding reception because the venue that you have booked is destroyed by fire or has a major power cut. We will not only reimburse you for the costs already incurred, but also for planned costs that cannot be recovered. Our trip cancellation insurance covers you if your honeymoon has to be cancelled or postponed. Your clients have thought about your wedding, the brides dress, the bouquet, the guests, the reception, the evening, the cars, the party… They can be quiet; we take care of the rest!


What do we cover?

Costs incurred that cannot be recovered following the cancellation or postponement of the marriage due:

  • To a death, an accident, or a serious illness of future spouses, parents, children or a first degree relative;
  • To a strike of the transport method or a strike movement that hinders traffic;
  • To national mourning;
  • The unavailability or the inaccessibility of the ceremony venue, due to reasons; such as fire, earthquake, floods or closure by the authorities;
  • We also cover the processing fees for the cancellation or postponement of the honeymoon (in addition to the intervention normally charged to travel cancellation insurance).


  • Sun or good weather.


What is the cost of this cover?

The premium is 2%* of the total cost of the ceremony. *excluding taxes and fees of 13%, minimum premium is €250 VAT included.

Examples of fees that are insured:

  • Florist;
  • Reception;
  • Catering;
  • Religious ceremony;
  • Printing and invitation fees;
  • Rental of transport;
  • Brides’ dress and ceremonial clothes;
  • Photographer and cameraman;
  • Orchestra or DJ;
  • Honeymoon.


When to purchase this insurance?

As soon as possible and at least 15 days before the ceremony.

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