Vehicle Assistance


  • Full technical assistance for business and private trips throughout Europe;
  • Full medical assistance in the case of an accident for the occupants of the insured vehicle;
  • Cover of travel accidents up to €25,000 in case of death or disability abroad;
  • The option of a replacement vehicle across all of Europe.



Summary of Guarantees

Please find below the main cover included in the assistance and travel insurance for fleets of more than 5 vehicles. For full information on the cover, please refer to the terms and conditions.


Vehicle Assistance

In Belgium and in Europe:

  • Unlimited intervention in case of breakdown and towing;
  • The transport and repatriation of the immobilised vehicle and passengers;
  • Organisation and payment for procedures in the event of the vehicle being written off;
  • Sending of spare parts;
  • Retrieval of a found stolen vehicle;
  • Guarding of the vehicle;
  • Caravan, trailer or boat being towed is covered at no extra charge;
  • Repatriation of luggage, a bicycle, a dog or a cat;
  • Costs of communication with the company;
  • Legal assistance abroad;
  • Replacement driver in the case of medical incapacity;
  • Sending of urgent messages;
  • Assistance of a translator;
  • Transfer of funds up to €2,500;
  • No age limit for the vehicle insured;
  • No exclusion during participation in a regular rally whose averaged speed is less to or equal to 50km/h.


Personal Assistance

In case of an accident abroad with the insured vehicle:

  • Reimbursement of medical costs following an accident abroad up to €125,000 per person and Without an excess;
  • Reimbursement of follow-up medical costs in Belgium after an accident abroad up to €6,250 per person;
  • Visit to the hospital in case of hospitalisation of more than 5 days;
  • Extension or improvement of your stay for medical reasons;
  • Transport – repatriation of injured passengers + return and accompaniment of young children;
  • Cash advance of up to €2,500 in the case of a covered event;
  • Assistance of a translator abroad;
  • Legal assistance abroad;
  • Early return in the case of hospitalisation or death of a relative, of an employee or in the event of Damage to your home or to the business.


Information Services

Information before going abroad: vaccines, administrative documents, business information
Cover while travelling (up to €25,000/ passenger)

In case of death or permanent disability following an accident with the insured vehicle abroad
Replacement Vehicle (Optional)

From your home and across Europe:

  • In case of immobilisation of the insured vehicle following a breakdown, an accident, a fire or theft
  • In case of immobilisation of the insured vehicle caused by damages to the home
  • Replacement vehicle of category B
  • Starting from an immobilisation of 4 hours (from the time of call)
  • Up to 5 consecutive days


General Conditions

The general conditions “Fleet Mobility Program” of Mondial Assistance/Vander Haeghen remain applicable