Total Event Protection
We offer specialist insurance solutions for your events, including; cultural events (concerts, shows in indoor venues, marquees or in the open air), sporting events, events held on the water or even in the sky, general gatherings, parties during the festive season, weddings, private receptions etc.

No-cost cancellation or postponement

Your events can be ruined by unforeseen circumstances. Unexpected problems can arise at any time, whether it is before, during or even after the event. Total Event Protection insurance offers a tailored insurance solution for your public, professional or private events if these have to be cancelled or postponed due to unforeseen circumstances, either in Belgium or in a foreign country. Total Event Protection covers financial losses, cancellation charges and/or the cost of backup measures incurred by you as the organiser, if the event is completely cancelled or postponed. The cancellation or postponement must, however, be for reasons beyond your control. Total Event Protection insurance gives you peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on organising your event. 


If the unexpected happens before, during or after your event?

We offer to insure all your events; private, public or professional


What do we cover?

Total event protection protects the policy holder, against financial losses, cancellation costs and/or the costs of safeguard measures which still have to be paid after postponement or the total or partial cancellation of the event occurring irrespective of the will of the policy holder and/or the insured.

  • Guaranteed simple cancellation:
    • Unavailability of the venue
    • Inaccessibility of the venue
    • National mourning
  • Optional Guarantees
    • Unavailability of artists and/or key persons
    • Cancellation due to bad weather compromising the safety of the public and/or the staff
    • Forced shortage of the public
    • Damage to property (coverage of the equipment and facilities at the event)
    • Civil Liability cover for the organiser (covering bodily and material damage caused to third parties by the organisers or their attendees)
    • Individual accidents of technicians, volunteers or participants
    • Terrorism


What are the types of events that can be insured?

  • Cultural events; concerts, shows in theatres, in marquees or in the open air
  • Business seminars, conventions, congresses, press conferences
  • Sports fixtures, water-based events or aerial events
  • General, associative or political meetings
  • New year celebrations, weddings, private receptions


What amount is covered?

The total original planned budget of the organisation. The amount will correspond to the maximum amount of the insurance. With the Total Event Protection cover, you can organise your events with peace of mind. In case of cancellation, we will reimburse you the entire sum insured (costs incurred are non-recoverable). In certain cases, the potential profit can also be covered.


What are the most frequent grounds for cancellation? (this list is not complete)

  • Strikes in the country of departure and/or the destination
  • Unavailability of the airport of departure and/or the destination
  • Death or physical injury of a required person as a result of illness and/or accident
  • Family bereavement following the disappearance of a first degree relative or spouse, provided they are younger than 75 years old
  • Violent protests in Belgium and/or in the destination country
  • Catastrophic natural events
  • Severe weather
  • Airplane accident of the company used resulting in a withdrawal of their authorisation to fly
  • Travel delays following a reported traffic accident, diversion and/or diversion of the transport method due to the passengers
  • Serious disaster occurring at the location of the reception without the possibility of finding somewhere similar
  • Severe and direct threats of attack on the place of travel
  • Armed conflict in the destination country or in the neighbouring countries making the journey dangerous for passengers
  • Administrative ban after authorisation was duly granted
  • Evacuation ordered by the local authorities during the journey
  • Closing of the borders ordered by the local authorities
  • Requisition of the location of the reception by the relevant authorities
  • National mourning
  • Mourning affecting the particular city, town or destination (local disaster, fire…)
  • Serious accident occurring on the premises of the underwriter, making the presence of most the travellers essential
  • An epidemic in the destination country
  • Requisition of the civil air force
  • Riots, violent social unrest, armed revolution
  • Acts of terrorism at the location of the event

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