Motorhome Protection
Our Motorhome Protection cover proposes a package of guarantees completely adapted to your needs. Similar to our all risks covered policies, it is tailored to you, although the insurance covers the objects transported, we offer you optional guarantees such as; Civil Responsibility, Legal Protection and Protection of the driver.

A Motorhome is all about freedom

The motorhome or camper van is today, an easy and comfortable way to travel. The motorhome gives you the opportunity to enjoy, with great freedom, those little unexpected moments that life and nature offers us. With the motorhome, your house goes everywhere with you. If you would like to travel, you will appreciate that your home has the best protection in case of concern.


What vehicles do we insure?

This product is intended for vehicles such as a camper van or motorhome that is a maximum of 10 years old and is for private use.


What value is insured?

For new vehicles: the total of the catalogue value, the options and the accessories before tax and before discounts. For vehicles which are more than 24 months old: the real value of the vehicle is used. This is decided by an expert appraisal with a report including photos (the interior and the exterior of the vehicle).


What are the guarantees offered?

Main cover:

  • Theft;
  • Fire;
  • Material damage (including water damage, broken glass, forces of nature, vandalism);
  • Transported objects. In case of theft or fire of the insured vehicle, the guarantee also covers the personal items found in the vehicle at the time of the loss, up to a maximum value of €3,000 including tax.

These personal items will be reimbursed in their entirety based on the purchase price, if they were purchased within the last 12 months of the loss. If the items were purchased more than 12 months before the loss, a decrease of 1% per month since the date of purchase will be applied.

Optional cover (only for vehicles registered in Belgium):

  • Civil Responsibility.
  • Legal Protection.
  • Assistance.
  • Driver Protection.


What decrease is applied to this coverage?

In case of total loss, of theft or attempted theft, no decrease will be applied during the first 24 months following the date of the first release of the vehicle or following the date of the vehicles expert report. From the 25th month, a decrease of 1% per month will be applied until the 60th month. From the 60th month, the vehicle will be compensated in real terms. At the 24th month the policy holder has the opportunity to have his vehicle appraised. If an appraisal is carried out, the insured value will be the real value and no decrease will be applied during the next 24 months.


Who is this cover for?

This cover is for drivers who are aged between 25 and 70 years who haven’t had any claims in the last 5 years (excluding glass breakage).


What is the excess of this cover?

  • Material damage and theft from within the vehicle: Excess of 1.5% off the insured value with a minimum excess of €500.
  • If, at the time of the accident, the driver of the insured vehicle is not the driver mentioned specifically in the contract, the excess will be:
    • 3% for drivers less than 30 years old.
    • 6% for drivers less than 25 years old.
    • 9% for drivers less than 21 years old.

The minimum excess will be €1,250

  • Vandalism: €500
  • Glass breakage:
    • To repair a chip in the windscreen: no excess.
    • If the windscreen is replaced: €150.
    • If the windows are broken: no excess.
  • Theft of the vehicle, fire, forces of nature and damage from animals: no excess.


What documents are needed to be able to apply for this cover?

  • A completed proposal, signed by the policy holder;
  • The purchase invoice of the car or an expert valuation of the car with photos;
  • A copy of the driver/s driving licence;
  • A certificate of the claims history of the driver/s for the past 5 years.