All Risks Covered Motorbike Insurance

What vehicles are covered?

This product is for motorbikes, trikes and scooters of at least 100cc or the electrical equivalent, registered as an M plate. We do not offer a solution for M-bikes which are registered as an S plate. The electric bikes can be insured with our Bike insurance.


What are the insurance policies offered?

  • Mini Safe : accidental damage, theft and fire.
  • Moto Safe + : theft and fire.


What do we cover?

  • It is in your interest to insure your vehicle completely.
  • The motorbike value is based on the standard equipment, vehicle options and accessories.
  • Optional:
    • The riders equipment.


How is the premium calculated?

Using an online pricing program which is available to you on our website


How is the insured value determined?

During the first 12 months, the value insured is the purchase price of the vehicle, the options and the accessories. No decrease will be applied to the vehicle in the case of an accident during the first 12 months of the first release of the vehicle.  After the 13th month, the vehicle is insured based on the real value before the accident. The rides’ equipment is covered on a basis of the value decreasing over time.


Private and/or professional use?

  • It is possible to cover private use, travel to and from work or professional use.
  • Exclusions; couriers, delivery drivers, taxis and motorbike schools.


What extra cover can be added to All Risks Covered Insurance (only for vehicles registered in Belgium)?

  • Civil Responsibility (subject to acceptance by the company).
  • Legal Protection.
  • Assistance with a courtesy car.
  • Assistance without a courtesy car.
  • Individual accident insurance for the rider:
    • Death: €5,000.
    • Total Permanent Disability: €15,000.
    • Medical Costs: €1,500 (excess: €50).

What excess is applied under these policies?

All the policies have an excess of 10% of the damage or of the value of the motorbike on the day of the accident with a variable minimum depending on the model.


What anti-theft mechanisms are expected?

It varies according to the model, but a physical anti-theft and/or an alarm system with a siren is expected. At the address of the policy holder, the motorbike must be parked in a locked area during the night between the hours of 22:00 and 07:00.