Luxury Car Protection

What vehicles can be covered?

Luxury Cars and SUVs: All luxury or exclusive vehicles of a value at new, equal to or superior to €75,000 before tax. All models of Porsche are accepted. These vehicles must be less than 5 years old at the moment of application. (Car brands including; Ferrari, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce and Porsche are accepted up to 10 years old).


What is the value insured?

  • For new vehicles: the value at new without VAT and without discount, options or accessories included.
  • For second hand vehicles: the value insured is determined by an expert appraisal.


What are the proposed insurance options?

  • Static Risk: Fire, theft, vandalism by breaking into the garage, forces of nature and water damage. The cover is only provided in the garage at the address on the contract. This option is designed for vehicles that are not registered for driving on the road.
  • All Risks Covered Partial: Fire, theft, vandalism by breaking into the garage, forces of nature, water damage, broken glass, collisions with animals and wild animals.
  • All Risks Covered Full: Material damage, theft, fire, water damage, broken glass, forces of nature, vandalism, collisions with animals and wild animals.


What decrease is applied to this coverage?

In case of total loss, of theft or attempted theft, no decrease will be applied during the first 24 months following the date of the first release of the vehicle or 12 months from the date of an expert report on the insured vehicle. From the 25th month (or 13th month for the cars which were valued using an expert report), a decrease of 1% per month will be applied. The policy holder always has the possibility of having their vehicle re-assessed when they wish.


Who is this cover for?

This cover is for drivers who are between 30 and 70 years old.


What are the additional covers that can be taken out with the all risks cover (only for vehicles registered in Belgium)?

  • Civil Responsibility (subject to acceptance by the company)
  • Legal Protection
  • Road Side Assistance


What is the excess of this cover?

  • Material damage for the driver/s covered by the contract (subject to the accident report).
  • An excess of 1% of the insured value with a minimum of €750 and a maximum of €2000.
  • Material damage for another driver who is not covered by the contract:
    • 1.5% for drivers more than 30 years old*
    • 3% for drivers less than 30 years old*
    • 6% for drivers less than 25 years old*
    • No cover for drivers under 21 years old
      *with a minimum = €1,250
  • Vandalism: €500
  • Other guarantees: Don’t have an excess


What anti-theft protections or mechanisms are there to install?

  • For most vehicles: The original system (VV2 + Anti-Lifting Alarm).
  • For German brands: VV2, anti-lifting alarm and a TT3 or TT4.
  • For Range Rovers: VV2, anti-lifting and a TT4.


Can you extend the cover to include on a track?

In certain situations and with an additional premium, driving on a track can be covered.


What documents are required to be able to apply for this cover?

  • A completed proposal, signed by the policy holder.
  • The purchase invoice of the car or an expert valuation of the car with photos.
  • A copy of the driver/s driving licence.
  • A certificate of the alarm system and/or the anti-theft system.
  • A certificate of the claims history of the driver/s for the past 5 years.

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