100 years Aston Martin

100 years Aston Martin

On saturday 13th December, Autoworld presents an exhibition dedicated to the centenary of the British brand Aston Martin racing cars.

Nationale Suisse and Vander Haeghen & C °, sponsors of this amazing event. As experts in the field of insurance for old-timers, youngtimers and prestige cars, this event is in total harmony with the philosophy of the underwriter Vander Haeghen & C °.

The expo

The evolution of a small car company, erected by two men, become a global icon. A respected brand for its impeccable technique, beautiful design and sleek styling.

A large number of private owners brought together forty different models – racing cars and road – which will be exhibited on the museum’s mezzanine. These historical models include one of the oldest exemplar Langonda a DP 21/15 1925. Also DB 5 and Vintage V8, which played an important role in the James Bond films.

Posters, flyers, books and a unique collection of miniature cars complement this initiative.

This exhibition runs until 01.04.2015.

Ferdinand Porsche Expo, from electric to electric

Ferdinand Porsche Expo, from electric to electric

On the 6th December 2013, the exhibition “Ferdinand Porsche, the Heritage – from electric to electric” will open at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels.

Nationale Suisse and Vander Haeghen & C °, sponsors of this stunning exhibition.

Auto enthusiasts and specialised in insurance for prestige cars, young timers, old-timers and motorcycles, Nationale Suisse and the underwriters Vander Haeghen & Co sponsoring this unique initiative. An event in complete harmony with the philosophy of the underwriters Vander Haeghen & Co., who earlier this year organised the very successful “Concours d’Elegance Porsche” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the legendary 911.

Exhibition in Autoworld

From December 6th, 2013 to January 19th, 2014, Autoworld will trace the history of Porsche 3 generations through an exhibition of over 40 exceptional and exclusive vehicles from private collections and various international museums, all in an original staging. 6 weeks, fans of Porsche will come and admire the most beautiful specimens. This exceptional exhibition tells the amazing story of a family that has given birth to a brand. The exhibition is divided into 4 zones inviting the visitor to follow in each of the 4 Ferdinand, who brought their own mark on the brand: the genius-creator, entrepreneur, designer, competitor.